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Young author gets it right

Radio-Free Teen Bookworms Review


By Katie Wilkinson

Liberty Hill Independent

Published 7/21/2011



Forget everything you have ever thought of as the “fantasy” genre. Done? Great.

Now go read The Key of Amatahns. This book is unlike any that I have read before.

A perfect mix of some humor and tense action with beautifully written emotion and dark twists, this book will be adored by people of all ages.

When you first hear that a 15-year-old girl wrote a book, the first thing that may pop into your mind is, “oh, great, another romantic teen-angst filled, crazy fiction story completely identical to other books.” That is exactly what most teenagers would do while writing, to be perfectly honest.

Elisabeth Wheatley is obviously one of a kind. She has done what some adults, some with college degrees in literature, have yet to accomplish. Write a great book that people will enjoy.

When Janir, the main character of the book, was sent with her mother away from the frightening and dangerous home of the Argetallam kingdom, she expected anything but a plot to kill her and her mother to unfold. When she is rescued by someone who is not expected to do such things, a Brevian ruler, (the “good” guys) and is exposed for who she is seven years later, she is thrown into an adventure. An adventure that not only involves the brilliantly written elf, Saoven, but an evil half-brother whose jealousy has driven him to the edge of insanity, a lovably annoying wizard, and a few monsters along the way as they search for the Key of Amatahns, the way to immeasurable power in the world Miss Wheatley created.

I can’t wait to read book #2 in the series.

I would rate this book, but going above five stars or two thumbs up is usually frowned upon by professional critics. I strongly recommend any person who can read to buy a copy of The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley.